Day of the Mourning (Part 1)

Sent to investigate reports that Brelish scouts were using a nearby ruined tower as a base of observation; you were partnered with 6 others. The 7 of you were pulled from disparate units of the Crye forces defending the area.

Investigating the tower, you stumbled upon a nest of kruthik hatchlings

that were riled up by a pair of dolgrim.

The dolgrim appeared to be studying the effects of a glowing mark on the floor of the ruined tower by leaving the catatonic form of Aric Blacktree in the center of the circle.

After dispatching the hatchlings and the dolgrim, you freed the other captive, one General Bren ir’Gadden. Grateful for his release, Bren agrees to accompany you back to the Crye encampment in order to be ransomed back to the Brelish forces.



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