Ebberon is a DungeonPunk themed world in which anything can happen; greatly inspired by Pulp and Noir. It is a world where you can have high stakes adventure, the sort of world which will have the adventurers racing against evil agents to retrieve ancient relics from tombs long forgotten, infiltrating high society balls, fighting atop lightning powered trains and hijacking airships, or perhaps piecing together the clues to who-dun-it or even subtly manipulating the politics to prevent (or maybe start) a great war.

Long ago in the time before time there existed three great dragons, Siberys the Dragon Above, Eberron the Dragon Between, and Khyber the Dragon Below. Unable to coexist the progenitor dragons fell to fighting. Khyber tore Siberys apart after a great battle. Eberron then wrapped Khyber in his coils, imprisoning him for slaying their sister. The pieces of the Dragon Above became the Ring of Siberys overhead, Eberron’s body formed the continents and oceans, and imprisoned Khyber twisted into labyrinthine tunnels beneath the earth.
But these great dragons did more than just give Eberron a creation myth, it is from these that the Draconic Prophecy comes from. The Draconic Prophecy is a record of things to come that has been emerging since the creation of the world. It is incredibly complex, many have spent their lives studying only a part of it to still not understand it. It hints at events of doom and dread as often as it helps push the world toward exalted events. It is what shapes the world of Eberron, even if it is only subtly.
Recently (within the last 3,000 years), the Draconic Prophecy has been manifesting itself in the form of Dragonmarks: strange birthmarks with magical properties found on many mortal humanoid races. These marks grant those on whom they manifest great powers and often run along a bloodline; this has lead to the formation of Dragonmarked Houses, vast business empires independent of any nation, that control most of the trade in Khorvaire.

For 102 years the five nations of the Kingdom of Galifar waged a heated war with one another; alliances were forged and broken many times over the course of this war. This war tore the continent of Khorvaire apart. Before the war, five nations stood united under a single banner; now only four of those nations still exist, but many more have sprung up leaving the continent fractured. The event that ended the Last War was the destruction of the entire nation of Cyre; an event now called the Mourning which none knows the cause of.
‘The Last War’ is such named as it was such a terrible conflict that people hope no one will wage war again. However, no one truly believes this; distrust and discord runs rampant. A shadow war still wages on with every nation having spies and saboteurs among others all across Khorvaire.


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